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Top 5 Parks To Visit In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Living in Philadelphia is not only cool, but it’s tranquilizing as well. This is because, after a tough week, there are numerous parks to visit for relaxation. For example, people can go fishing, camping, boating, or visit a historic site in the area to unwind.

What’s more, most of these parks are all within an hour’s drive from the city. That way, tourists can escape to these natural havens for a short day trip without much planning. Here are the five best parks to visit in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

1. The Core Creek Park

This unique park which sits on over 1000 acres, caters to all types of adventurers. From spring to fall, guests can rent canoes, kayaks, and rowboats for a great day on the waters of Lake Luxembourg. Moreover, hiking trails wind through wooded areas, with some accommodating bicycles and horses, and picnics are popular during the summer.

The grounds are home to white-tailed deer, ducks, scavenger birds, hummingbirds, and migratory birds. More interestingly, there are tennis courts, ball fields, and an off-leash dog park.

2. The Evansburg State Park

With its combination of farms, pastures, old meadows, and mature forests, this park is a great place to unwind in the natural wild. In addition, it comes with a golf course, four legal baseball fields, and over 20 miles of horse racing and biking paths.

More importantly, sports lovers will enjoy the bridge skiing paths and more than 1,000 acres open to hunters during defined seasons. Lastly, people who want fishing will be excited to catch catfish and trout in Skippack Creek, as well as other unusual species.

3. Marsh Creek State Park

Marsh Creek Lake, located within Marsh Creek State Park, is a popular place for most water activities. This includes boating and kayaking, as well as a rest stop for migratory fowl. The lake is notably popular for sailing lovers, who take advantage of the mix of good natural terrain and wind patterns.

Additionally, the lake has two boat docks which attract tourists to the park for boat rides. On the other hand, trails winding through the green relaxing woodland field are available to those who want to stay on land.

4. Pennypack Park

The 1,600-acre Pennypack Park weaves its way between Philadelphia and its neighborhoods. It comes with woods and meadows providing a peaceful ambiance from the metropolis. Along with the park’s working farm, ball fields and concert stage are key tourist attractions.

What’s more, certain relics of the park’s 17th-century industrial heritage can still be found here. More interestingly, the park’s pathways connect miles of paved and unpaved trails that serve casual strollers, bikers, and equestrian riders.

5. Ringing Rocks Park

Who can resist a ten-foot-high mound of rocks that chime like bells whenMap of Philly parks lightly tapped with a hammer? Geologists, hikers, walkers, bikers, trekkers, and picnickers all enjoy going to Ringing Rocks. This is because it is nestled in a lush woodland that sits on many acres of pure bliss. In addition, the park is home to the county’s most fabulous waterfall, making it a perfect photoshoot spot.

Wind Up

There is no end to the list of exciting parks to visit in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As such, people who love outdoor activities will be spoilt for choices whenever they visit. But, more importantly, the locals are friendly and welcoming!

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