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Some Great Reasons To Visit Philadelphia Pennsylvania

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There is something special about Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Not only is it a city that is filled to the rim with Colonial and Revolutionary history and many ‘Big City’ attractions – but it also boasts something special – that much valued small-town charm.

It is a city that takes its reputation as ‘The City of Brotherly Love’ seriously. Here visitors are welcomed with open arms – and its thriving cultural attractions, art scene, as well as some excellent cuisine make it a place that will reward exploration.

The rewards of that exploration are many – the challenge is to choose what sites and attractions to take in. The visitor to Philadelphia is spoiled for choice, but here are some of the attractions that keep visitors coming back again and again.

Firstly, there are those tremendous cultural and historical attractions. For example, the museum dedicated to Benjamin Franklin allows visitors to get an insight into a fascinating man who started a successful printing business in Philadelphia (besides founding and funding a college, library, and hospital in the city). He was a statesman, a prolific inventor, and publisher – besides being instrumental in drafting the American Declaration of Independence. Visits to museums dedicated to the American Revolution and the Liberty Bell (which can be found in Independence National Historical Park) should also not be missed.

For those who want to experience the beauty of Philadelphia’s green spaces, a visit to Fairmount Park should be on the visitor’s bucket list. For those who want to enjoy a more active day out in the bosom of Mother Nature, the bicycle, walking, and jogging trails of the much loved Schuylkill River Trails are a delight. The venerable ‘Rittenhouse Square’ is also worth a visit.

If Philadelphia has a culinary claim to fame, it must be the Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich – but the thriving foodie scene in the city has much more to offer.people drinking There is something for everyone, including some exceptional Asian dining destinations such as ‘Bai Wei’ where those in the know go to enjoy the famous pork shoulder and their magnificent Soup dumplings. For that authentic Cheesesteak experience, head to Joe’s (enjoy a fresh chocolate Coke at the same time). Both Tony Luke’s and Jim’s Steaks also have a loyal following for this Philadelphia staple. While in Philly, don’t forget to enjoy the simple (and delicious) delights of the city’s salty pretzels.

For upscale French-inspired dining, head to ‘The Parc. Wednesday night’s Lobster Risotto is incredible, as is Friday’s Bouillabaisse and Saturday’s Duck and Cherries.

For lovers of exquisite architecture, a visit to the picturesque Philadelphia City Hall, where a bronze statue of the city’s founder, Quaker, William Penn, overlooks the city for the lofty heights of this iconic baroque landmark.

Of course, for lovers of the Silver Screen, the statue of Rocky Balboa on the steps of the Museum of Art is an attraction that cannot be missed.

Philadelphia’s vibrant neighborhoods with fantastic street art are also worth exploring.

This is a city that will provide endless attractions. It is worth taking some time to explore on foot or using public transportation – but whatever the visitors choose, it will provide delights around every corner.

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