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For the best siding contractors in Philadelphia and New Jersey, residents turn to Roof Gurus.

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    Our Services

    Roof Gurus Rubber Roofing
    Our company provides quality rubber roofing services to the Greater Philadelphia and South New Jersey metropolitan area. We have a variety of rubber roof services that include but are not limited to installation, repair, and maintenance.
    Metal roofing gives businesses and homes a clean and polished look while providing excellent protection to the structure of your property. Roof Gurus offers a variety of metal roofing styles to fit the style of any home or commercial property.
    Roof Gurus Roof Flashing
    Roof flashing is the metal that surrounds any seam in your roof, including the edges of windows, chimneys, and vent pipes. Flashing installation plays an important part in roofing because it protects your property’s insulation and helps maintain the quality of your roof.
    Roof Repair
    The Roof Gurus provide the Greater Philadelphia and South New Jersey metropolitan area with superior comprehensive roof repair services. Our roofing professionals will thoroughly evaluate your home or business to determine the roofing services that are right for you. 
    Roof Gurus Flat Roofing
    We provide flat roof installation, repair, maintenance, and silver coating. If you have been struggling with a flat roof tear or leak and you are looking for a fully licensed and insured roofing service company that you can rely upon, then choose the Roof Gurus.
    The Roof Gurus is here to provide you with top quality shingle roof services. We carry a variety of shingle brands can provide you with a wide selection of materials, colors, and textures that will enhance the aesthetics of your home.
    Roof Gurus Siding
    Are you looking for siding contractors in Philadelphia? Choose Roof Gurus for top-quality siding installation. We have a team of highly experienced siding contractors who are experts in install all types of siding, from vinyl to fiber cement.
    Siding Repair
    When siding becomes damaged, it can negatively impact both the look and the function of your home. That’s why it’s important to choose a reputable siding repair contractor like Roof Gurus for siding repair in Philadelphia.