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According to the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), you should inspect your roof twice a year– once in the spring and once in the fall. There are specific things that you should look for on the interior as well as the exterior if you want to make sure your roof is in proper working condition.

What Should You Inspect on the Inside?

  • Signs of water damage or leaking areas.
  • Places where the roof deck is sagging.
  • Places where light shows through the roof.
  • Trails and dark spots.

What Should You Inspect on the Outside?

  • Visually inspect the roof for cracks, tears, bald spots, or missing shingles.
  • Look for loose material or wear and tear around the chimney(s), pipes, vents, or other points of entry.
  • Inspect the gutters for shingle granules– this is a sign that they are worn.
  • Check for areas of rot, mold, or moisture.
  • Examine gutters and downspouts–ensure they are properly attached and clog free
  • Make certain all dryer, kitchen, and bath vents go completely outside the property–not just into the attic

Roof Repair Philadelphia County, PA

Most roof leaks that people encounter in their homes and businesses occur as a result of improper installations and defective flashings. If you are experiencing problems with your Philadelphia County, PA roof call Roof Gurus for all your roof repair needs. Our experienced team of roofing professionals is ready to work on just about any type of roofing system. We can repair any type of damage, whether it is caused by overflowing rain gutters, faulty windows and siding or wind driven rain, just to mention a few. For the best roof repair services in your Philadelphia neighborhood call us at 215-338-1804 in Philadelphia, or use our Schedule Now link to get your Free roof repair estimate. Protect your most important asset today!

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Siding Philadelphia County, PA

There are many reasons that home and business owners choose siding for the exterior of their property. Here are the top five reasons according to Roof Gurus customers.

  1. Eliminates the ongoing costs of painting and maintaining existing siding.
  2. Significantly reduces heating and cooling costs.
  3. Health reasons–removal of old asbestos siding.
  4. Enhances the value of the home or business.
  5. Elevates the beauty of the property.

If you are looking for a siding company that is committed to providing you 100% satisfaction let Roof Guruscome to work for you! We provide comprehensive siding services. To schedule you Free consultation today call or use our quick and easy Appointment Calendar. It never hurts to find out!