Roof Repair Services

Roof Gurus provides the Greater Philadelphia and South New Jersey metropolitan area with superior comprehensive roof repair services. A damaged roof can be related to a number of different issues, and Roof Gurus is here to provide you with the roof repair services that are right for you. Roofing material of any type is subject to damage and deterioration over time due to severe weather conditions and sometimes even structural shortcomings. Whether your roof is leaking or simply just in need of maintenance, Roof Gurus will supply you with the roofing professionals, equipment, and guarantee the most reliable roof services in Philadelphia, South Jersey, and the surrounding areas. Please visit our Service Area page to find a Roof Gurus near you.

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Flat Roof Repair

If you are a home or business owner in need of flat roof repair, Roof Gurus offers various options for restoration. Flat roof damage due to weathering and age can be repaired through different patching and coating options. Roof Gurus can provide you with estimates for the different flat roof repair solutions, as well as supply you with the necessary information to help you make the best decision for your property. Our professional roofing crews are always trained, prepared, and on time in order to provide the best possible flat roof repair services.

Silver coating for flat roofs is a great solution to avoiding damage. We strongly suggest that silver coating be applied within the first three months of the roof being installed, and every three years after. By participating in flat roof maintenance with silver coating you will not only save money but have piece of mind knowing that you are protected!

If your flat roof is damaged beyond practical repair, Roof Gurus also offers flat roof replacement. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking your flat roof damage, contact Roof Gurus today for flat roof repair and replacement services you can trust! Contact us at 215-338-1804 in PA and at 856-428-1299 in NJ. We’re here to help you!

Shingle Roof Repair

Roof Gurus has proudly served the Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey metro area in shingle roof repairfor the last 10 years! Shingle roof damage is commonly caused by severe weather overtime, however, increased damage can occur due to the improper laying of shingles. Roof Gurus is your roof service company to call if you are in need of shingle roof repair, no matter how big or small the job.

Although most shingle roof damage only effects small areas of the shingles it is important that only roofing professionals carry out the shingle roof repair. The process of repairing a shingle roof can be very tedious and dangerous, and if not done the right way can cause even more damage. Complete shingle roof replacement may be in order if more damage is caused and the materials beneath the shingles become compromised. If you are experiencing problems with your shingle roof, contact Roof Gurus, for the safest, most reliable shingle roof repair.

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Commercial Roof Repair

Commercial roofing is a beautiful addition to any home or business. While the cost of commercial roofing is higher then most other roofing options, it is a durable, long lasting alternative if maintained correctly. Roof Gurus professionals have vast knowledge and experience with commercial roofs, so you can feel safe and secure when you choose us to handle all your commercial roof repair needs. We provide you with top of the line commercial shingles and apply sealings that increase the shingles longevity while creating a long lasting shine.

Beyond commercial roof repair, we also offer commercial roof maintenance and treatment services for home and business owners who want to ensure their investment in commercial roofing is protected! We know your commercial roof is important to you. Call Roof Gurus for superior commercial roof repair services in Philadelphia, South New Jersey, and the surrounding areas. Visit our service page and find the Roof Gurus nearest to you. Contact us at 215-338-1804 in PA and 856-428-1299 in NJ. We look forward to your call!

Rubber Roof Repair

Many flat roof tops have rubber roofing that over time wears down and needs to be repaired. Roof Gurus provides rubber roof repair for homes and businesses in Philadelphia, South Jersey, and the surrounding areas. Repairing a rubber roof requires roofing professionals with the proper equipment and safety measures necessary for a proper, durable rubber roof repair. Our team of professional roofing crews is always on time and prepared to complete your rubber roof repair. Avoid a leaky roof! Call us today for rubber roof repairservices that you can count on!

Metal Roof Repair

Changes in temperature throughout the year can cause your metal roofing to expand and contract. This alteration in the roofing structure will make your property more prone to leaking and less energy efficient. Call Roof Gurus for reliable metal roof repair services in Greater Philadelphia, South New Jersey, and the surrounding areas. We will arrive promptly at your home or business prepared with the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done right the first time. Damaged metal roofing can cost you thousands of dollars in unnecessary home or business repairs, so make the right decision today and call Roof Gurus for all your metal roof repair needs. Contact us at 215-338-1804 in PA and 856-428-1299 in NJ.